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How To Rock The Blues
In the next 5 minutes you will learn how to take your blues guitar playing to the next level through the Big Bag O' Blues DVD Master Class. This System will cover 34 lessons, on 3 discs, with over 3+ hours of content that will take you on a whirlwind tour through the realm of blues chords, rhythms, licks, and a whole lot more. 
  • Sound Like You Practice For Hours A Day (In Just 10 Minutes Daily!)
  • Improv Solos In Any Blues Changes Including Shuffles, Rock Blues, Boogie, And More!
  • Play More Complex Dynamic Progressions With Subtle Chord Alterations & Harmonies!
  • And So Much More!
Big Bag O' Blues DVD Master Class
This is one huge grab bag of blues material, taught by Max Rich-a true Blues Master! 
34 Lessons, 3 Discs, 3+ Hours of content
  • Big Blues Mix (16 Videos, 90 Min)- A Crash Course In Intermediate Blues Playing
  • Minor Blues (4videos, 24 min)- A New Tonal Approach To The Blues Progression
  • 5 Intermediate Blues Licks (6 videos, 30 min)- Master Any Improv Solo
  • Blues Chord Substitutions (4videos, 38 min)- Common Chord Shapes To Accelerate
  • Stormy Monday Changes (4 videos, 40 min)- Slow Jazz Blues Breakdown
INCLUDED: The Acoustic Blues Bonus Disc 
  • 1 DVD, 2+ Hours Of Content- Learn To Play The Blues On Your Acoustic Guitar! Special Bonus Disc That Teaches You The Blues Stylings Of Eric Clapton & Tommy Emmanuel 
  • Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level By Following This Simple Acoustic Blues Breakdown!
  • Over $47.00 Value, Included FREE!!
Big Bag O' Blues DVD Master Class + Acoustic Blues Bonus Disc
40 Lessons, 4 Discs, 5+ Hours Content, And More!!